About Us

Hi! I am Kim!

Together with my husband Callum and our fur baby we form the team behind My Delicious Pantry. Together we have made many frustrating and exhausting trips to local supermarkets, and have come home empty handed! Grocery shopping with dietary restrictions is one of the hardest things I have had to learn in my adult life. I became lazy and often thought ''One can't hurt...'' but it can, and it did. 

Living with dietary restrictions is not the same as saying you don't like the taste of something, it means your body actually responds badly to certain foods and ingredients, making you physically ill. So I became convinced that spending hours in the kitchen each week was the only solution, to bake and make all my own snacks. And while sometimes I did enjoy it and felt like I was saving a few quick dollars, I missed out on soooo much!!!! 

Spending hours in the kitchen meant I couldn't go hang out with my friends or go for date night with my husband. It meant that all my energy was spent on something that didn't bring me enough joy. So I went out and found there were many small NZ businesses that had created foods that suited my dietary needs and wouldn't cause my body to be angry with me. 

So now I've collected all of those amazing NZ businesses and bring them to you in one platform. Your new go-to place to grab all the snacks and pantry staples your family needs, so you can go back to spend time WITH them! 

What are My Delicious Pantry's values?

  • Supporting NZ businesses 
    NZ is a beautiful place, with more resources then we could ever need. So why import our products? We choose to feature mostly NZ made products rather then imported, but have a select range of imported products to help our customers live a healthy and delicious life. 
  • Supporting small business owners
    Over 80% of products featured here are from small NZ business owners. Supporting them, means to support another family. It's a beautiful circle! 
  • Environment friendly
    We don't believe in fancy packaging, it involves a lot of unnecessary ink, plastics, and bleaching of materials to create a pretty looking box which ends up in landfill anyway. Instead we choose to use recycled materials as much as possible to help reduce our environmental impact. 

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PS: As a growing NZ business myself I am always  keen to hear from you with suggestions and ideas, so feel free to connect with me on social media or email info@mydeliciouspantry.co.nz