Artisan Chocolate Gift Box
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Artisan Chocolate Gift Box

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These chocolate gift boxes feature intense and deep flavours, made by some of the best New Zealand bean-to-bar chocolate makers and chocolatiers (in my opinion). It is the perfect treat for a true chocolate lover.  

Chocolate gift boxes include a variety of chocolate, and may include; bean-to-bar chocolate tablets, filled chocolates, dipped chocolates, and other chocolate creations. I hope to bring you chocolates you haven’t tried yet, even if you are a chocoholic. It will contain a variety of chocolate, with some dark, some milk, and sometimes even a white or ruby variety.

The chocolate bars in this box focus on showcasing some of the different and unique flavours from different cacao origins. But it also includes a couple of flavoured varieties, to give you the best of both worlds. It is like travelling the world through chocolate! Some of the origins that have featured in previous boxes are: Tanzania, Peru, Solomon Islands, and Papa New Guinea.

The selection changes every month, and is kept a surprise. But if you have flavour preferences please make a note at checkout and I will adjust the contents to suit when possible.

    Please note that chocolate gift boxes will be supplied in The Chocolate Tour gift packaging