Coconut Icing Sugar 150g
Coconut Icing Sugar 150g
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Coconut Icing Sugar 150g

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Made with organic coconut sugar and tapioca, this icing sugar blend is a great alternative to traditional icing sugars. It's got a natural caramel like flavour, and the same consistency as traditional icing sugar. + coconut sugar is low GI and has vitamins and minerals.

To make the icing mix the coconut icing sugar coconut oil or butter +a couple drops of hot water if needed, to form a smooth paste. You can keep adding either water or icing sugar powder to get the desired thickness.  

Ingredients: Organic coconut sugar, Organic tapioca flour

Organic / Gluten free / Egg free / Nut free / Soy free / Dairy free / Vegan / Refined Sugar free