Hemp Hearts 300g
Hemp Hearts 300g
Hemp Hearts 300g
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Hemp Hearts 300g

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The seeds of a hemp plant are small but mighty! It's a super nutritious food and are known as a source for Complete Protein, which means they have all 9 essential amino acids, as well as essential fats and minerals. 

Hemp hearts have a light, nutty flavour and are super versatile, see below some suggestions:

  • eaten on their own 
  • added to shakes and smoothies
  • sprinkled onto salads
  • toasted
  • used in baking such as cookies, breads and muffins
  • ground into flour or to butters and spreads
  • used as a cereal or added to granola, oats or yoghurt
  • a dessert topping

Grown in NZ

Keto / Vegan / Soy free / Gluten free / Dairy free / Nut free / Egg free / Refined Sugar free / Organic