Matcha Green Tea Powder 100g
Matcha Green Tea Powder 100g
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Matcha Green Tea Powder 100g

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Did you know that matcha literally means "powdered tea"? With matcha green tea, you’re drinking the actual tea leaves, which have been dried and then stone ground into a fine powder.

To make matcha tea, plants are covered with shade cloths before they’re harvested. This increases chlorophyll content and creates a vibrant green colour that's rich in antioxidants. 

Matcha powder is known to be a metabolism boosting, fat burning superfood and powerful antioxidant. It supposedly has the nutritional value of 10x cups of regular green tea and over 100x more antioxidants. It may be beneficial for blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, anti-aging, and more!

Directions Mix 2 grams (1/2 teaspoon) in with your protein shake or smoothie to give it a superfood kick. It can be used as an ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes, in everything from matcha muffins, brownies and puddings, to matcha soup, stir fry's, and even matcha guacamole!

It can also be made into tea by simply adding hot water and whisking it until frothy. 

Ingredients: 100% pure Matcha green tea

Keto / Vegan / Egg free / Dairy free / Refined Sugar free / Nut free / Soy free